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Delivering optimal performance, easy deployment and scalability for all IT systems and data centers, MMR’s racks, cabinets and enclosure solutions provide support and protection for critical IT and facilities.

With the rise of digital transformation and the growth of businesses (locally, regionally and globally), MMR’s solutions adapt your space and budget needs to allow for easier design, implementation, management, and replication.

IT Enclosure Solutions

Best Racks and Enclosure Features

Control Room Infrastructure

Keeping in mind the constant running of a control room, our comprehensive range of technical solutions offer best in class ergonomics and flexibility, modular design and unmatched operator efficiency levels.

Integrated Solutions

Create and maintain strong edge computing, solid IT infrastructure deployed in remote locations efficiently with MMR’s integrated solutions that range from prefabricated racks, rows, aisles, and modular data centres that are built in flexible and adaptable designs.

Racks and Containments

As the landscape of data centres is evolving, standardization has become the norm. MMR’s racking systems and containment solutions make this standardization possible. The flexible, easily installed, adaptable and pre-configured customized server racks and containments reduces your costs, footprint and it turn increases the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your critical infrastructure.

Outdoor Enclosures

Manage IT infrastructure in remote locations with uncertain access and edge computing power management with our Outdoor Enclosure solutions. They not only protect your vital electronic equipment from vandalism and environmental damage but ensure optimal conditions for peak performance levels.