Access Floor Systems

Premium Quality Raised Access Floor Systems

Raised floor systems, also known as access floors, are an elevated structural floor that is fixed over a solid substrate, typically a concrete slab.

Raised floor systems are composed by panels with a particular covering supported on vertical pedestals, the height of which can be regulated, creating a gap which allows accommodating different service systems. The gap is ideal for running electrical wiring and air circulation to the critical equipment in a data center.

MMR data centre floor management

Data Center Raised Floor Systems

The modern data center environment needs to be a highly adaptable space that provides the ability to respond quickly and easily to client, organizational and technological changes – all while being cost-effective in both construction and operation.

Features that sets us apart
  • Enhances cooling by allowing cool air to circulate efficiently.
  • Utilizing perforated panels in cold aisles allowing cold air to pass through the equipment to cool them up. Ensuring the right amount of air to the right equipment.
  • Ease of access to the systems installations from any place at the raised floor.
  • Easily incorporates cooling with a single or multiple cooling strategies.
  • Flexibility to integrate the most energy efficient design opportunities for cooling data centers.
  • Power/data cables and other services are housed, managed and segregated in a plenum.
  • Terminate cables wherever needed with complete flexibility, accessibility.
  • Under floor service distribution space maintains the cleanliness and neatness of the interior space for proper air migration in-and-out of equipment.
  • Provides flexibility for future scalability, equipment reconfiguration or installing totally new systems.
MMR access floor systems Saudi Arabia

Access Floors based on your needs

MMR provides raised floor systems not only to serve data centre applications, but serve various other applications related to:

  • Computer rooms and other information technology spaces.
  • Open office areas.
  • Training and conference areas.
  • Exhibit spaces.
  • Support spaces for offices, including electrical closets, fan rooms, etc.
  • MRI Rooms.