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Future Ready Data Center

The selection of a site for data center preparation is the first consideration in planning and preparing for the installation. It is important that adequate attention is paid to issues such as the physical location of the building, the location of the data center relative to the other areas of the building, and all aspects of the support infrastructure. A little extra planning by enterprises can save a tremendous amount of time, money and aggravation over the lifetime of the facility, MMR helps you achieve all of this and more.


Key Data Center Preparation Solutions

MMR provides following cutting-edge solutions that help businesses operate their physical facilities without interruption.

Power Distribution System

The innovative power distribution system deployed by MMR, combined with rack power distribution units, not only maintain power but also challenges the IT infrastructure might face.

Thermal Management

MRR delivers efficient and reliable heat management and humidity control solutions for specific sizes, locations and businesses.

Data Center Power System

Our Data Center Power Systems are designed to provide superior Direct Current (DC) Power in extreme conditions, offering a wide range of voltage and current range that effectively power various applications.

Modular Pre-Fabricated Data Center Solutions

MMR deploys Modular Pre-Fabricated Data Centres with flexible power and cooling designs, quick deployment and scalable capacity for implementation anywhere.

Uninterruptible Power Supply & DC Systems

MMR’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) helps your enterprise enjoy uninterrupted power supply in instances of power cuts, a complete outage or mains failure.

Monitoring and Management Solutions

MMR’s Monitoring and Management Solutions continuously evolve not only to detect, but also predict causes of downtime to safeguard your assets against threats and offer increased customization and centralized user management.

Racks and Enclosures

MMR’s solutions adapt your space and budget needs to allow for easier design, implementation, management, and replication.

Battery Monitoring

Data centers with battery monitoring systems provided by MMR and installed on-site result in a reduced rate of outages. The use of our battery monitoring systems by customers increase the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) by more than double when compared to preventive maintenance alone.

Structured Cabling

MMR designs and manufactures the gold standard for structures cabling. From Copper Structured Cabling to Fiber Structured Cabling, our cables are sure to exceed your expectations.

Fire Suppression Systems

MMR Offers a wide range of firefighting technologies to serve the various needs of commercial and industrial facilities. The combination of both suppression and detection systems in addition to our highly skilled installation team.

Access Floor Systems

Raised floor systems, also known as access floors, are an elevated structural floor that is fixed over a solid substrate, typically a concrete slab.

Water Leak Detection Systems

Water Leak Detection Systems provide fast detection and location reporting of potentially hazardous fluid leaks. They also provide reliable warning of potentially hazardous moisture leaks at critical points under a raised floor.