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The Widest Range in Power Solutions

Kohler Industries has been designing, manufacturing and installing generating sets from 1 kVA to 3,300 kVA since 1966, with its brand KOHLER. Based in Brest in Northwest France, Kohler Industries is today the 3rd biggest player worldwide in the generating set market.

It offers a complete range of portable gensets, industrial generators and rental generating sets. It has the widest power palette on the market and offers continuous or backup power solutions.

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Kohler Power Generating

KOHLER power generating sets and electricity production plants are aimed at diverse audiences.

It offers its engineering expertise to its customers, meeting even the most demanding of requirements.

It designs, manufactures and installs bespoke electricity production plants, incorporating the industrial generating sets best suited to meet the technical constraints.

Its power solutions meet the demands of all market sectors: data centres, telecommunications, healthcare, agriculture, military, and shopping centres.

Kohler Industries continues to nurture its values, strengthening its position as market leader in its sole industrial sector stand-alone energy solutions.

Advanced Technology

Kohler industries designs, manufactures and installs generating sets from 1 to 3300 kVA for its standard range of products, thanks to its high-performance production plant and  Research Development unit.

In addition, Kohler industries puts its engineering expertise into practice by designing tailor-made power plants and offers additional services with high added value training, after-sales service, spare parts.

Whatever the power needed or the purpose of the generating set a commitment to quality is guaranteed by an ISO 9001 certification, ensuring on-time delivery and high-performance for all products.

This technological expertise combined with high-tech manufacturing procedures give Kohler industries the necessary skills to master the design phase of all products, including those intended for sensitive industries.

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International Presence

KOHLER is continually strengthening its leading position through its solid structure as an international group. Through the extensive web it has spun, KOHLER is able to penetrate new markets and ensure its continuing development.

Today KOHLER is built upon

KOHLER portfolio of products and solutions include

Power Products

Industrial Generators.

Power Solutions

Turnkey Energy Solutions.

Rental Power

Generators for Rent.

Portable Power

Portable generators.