Next-Generation Power Solutions to Scale Data Centers

A technical facility where an organization safeguards its IT operations and equipment, stores, manages, and disseminates its data, is known as a data center. Data centers house the most critical systems on the network and are essential to business continuity and operations.

Consequentially, the efficiency optimization, reliability, and security of data centers and their information are crucial to today’s businesses.

What are the Different Types of Data Centers?

The data centers differ depending on their primary function, but typically it is supported and managed by one of the following four categories:

  • Enterprise
  • Multi-Tenant Data Center and Colocation Facilities
  • Hyperscale and Cloud
  • Carrier and Service Provider

Within the data center, the operational staff manages the following technical spaces and subsystems:

  • Physical Security Systems
  • Network and IT Systems
  • Power Resources
  • Environmental Control
  • Performance and Operational Management

What are the Challenges Faced by Data Centers?

These subsystems translate into the following challenges:

  • Risk Management
  • Network Migration
  • Power Optimization
  • Thermal Efficiency
  • DCIM Enablement

What is Hyperscale Data Center?

Advancements in technology and the rise of big data help businesses innovate and grow. But managing the explosion of data on the backend can be challenging. Compute, and storage limitations can impact an app’s performance.

Standard backup and restore operations can take hours or days to complete. Scaling, compute and storage for large workloads can be a headache, taking time, costing money, and impacting customers in need of business-critical information.

In such a scenario, hyperscale data centers are the need of the hour. These data centers offer crucial to large businesses, such as scaling applications efficiently and robustly.

What are the Benefits of a Hyperscale Data Center?

Many companies nowadays look to cloud service providers. This refers to the use of data centers that are based out of massive campuses and numerous buildings. Hyperscale data centers comprise multiple servers, process big data, support cloud computing, and serve billions of users for services.

Companies and users can benefit from this scale in the cloud world because of a particular thing called multitenancy. This means customers can share each server’s resources in a data center power system, like tenants sharing common resources of an apartment building. Each tenant’s cloud systems are isolated and invisible to other tenants. This means higher compute processing and storage, more efficient data center resources, and a much lower cost than managing your servers.

In Conclusion

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