How to Improve Power Availability and Reliability in your Facility

Data centers are facilities consuming high power due to continuous data processing from servers and data storage systems. Therefore, data centers are a real glutton for power and electricity. Power is needed to run the servers’ temperature control and security systems. 

Data Center Power Consumption

The power consumed by data centers ranges from a few kilowatts to a few hundred megawatts. This power is transmitted to the data center power plant via high voltage lines between 13,800 and 150,000 volts. Then large transformers lower this voltage to 400 or 230 volts. The low voltage electrical installation must be designed to fulfil the following: 

  • Electrical functions of isolation
  • Protection against overloads and short-circuits
  • Personnel Protection

Are there any Specific Approaches that can Boost Availability of Power?

If you are looking to enhance the power availability and reliability, the following five approaches can be very helpful:

  • Pre-engineered reference designs
  • Smart circuit breakers
  • Power management system
  • Expert services for predictive maintenance
  • Fault localization and power recovery

How to Improve Power Availability & Reliability in a Data Center

The electrical installation needs to be adequately grounded to ensure the plant’s and its workers’ safety. A data center power distribution system needs to guarantee the availability of electrical energy as close to 100% as possible. In the event of a power grid failure, the power distribution unit is continuously backed up by an electrical reserve battery system called UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), leaving enough time for substantial on-site generators to take over.

In addition to this, redundancy is a key factor for the entire electrical installation. Duplicating all electrical equipment, UPS  , and generator sets will limit any unplanned power outage that would affect the operation of the data centers. 

Many switching power supplies and other receivers cause malfunctions, such as parasites and harmonics, that distort the network voltage of the data center power distribution system. The quality of energy through the network is essential for the proper functioning of receivers and electrical equipment. This is where the harmonic filters and surge protectors come into place.

Final Thoughts

With data centers growing globally, businesses have become more complex. This ‘new electric world’ is now more power sensitive than ever before. The smallest of fluctuations or downtimes can lead to the disruption of organizational operations and constant equipment failures. Over time, the cost of operation will run high possibly resulting in heavy financial losses.

Therefore, the focus must always be on selecting the right technologies and services by partnering with a credible and trustworthy partner. The power distribution solutions offered by MMR combine rack power distribution units with an innovative power distribution system that can tackle any challenges your IT infrastructure might face.